What Mums Wish They Had in Their Kids Prams

What Mums Wish They Had in Their Kids Prams

As parents, we love having days out with the kids. I know that there’s nothing better than seeing the smile on my children’s faces when we go out for beach days or head out for a nice picnic outdoors.

If you have more than one child like me though, you already know how difficult it is to wrangle everyone, keep track of everything, and fit it all in a pram. I searched for the right pram for what felt like ages, and unfortunately, I could never find something that quite ticked all the boxes.

From chatting with many other mums, I also found out what they wished they had in their kids’ prams too. Today, I’m sharing what I’ve learned with all of you parents out there.

What Mums Wish They Had in Their Kids’ Prams

I wanted these features in my pram, both for my sake and my children’s. The right pram should give you all the storage you need while keeping your kids safe and comfortable at the same time.

Cool Storage

I don’t know how many mums I’ve spoken to that wish they had cold storage in their pram. No one wants to eat a warm sandwich for a snack or have a warm drink.

This is why I made sure our Burleigh Wagon has a handy esky storage. It’s really a must since it’s able to keep baby’s milk or snacks cool. If you’re having a day out with your older child and your new baby, you don’t need to worry about not having what they need. Since the storage is sealed off too, you’ll never spill food or drinks on the cloth.

Snacks on the Go

You already have the cool storage for your snacks, but you’d know that every time you hand out your kids’ snacks, they always get it all over their laps. That’s why we’ve designed a snack tray in the Burleigh Wagon for our kids, helping them to keep a handle on their snacks so us parents don’t have to clean up as much later.

Easy Sitting

Let’s face it: days out are fun. But they’re tiring too. When my kids are running around and playing in the grass or the sand, sometimes, I just want to take a seat. Having a seat would certainly be easier when I’m holding my littlest one to feed her. That’s why I love having a bench on the Burleigh Wagon. I can adjust the pram and take a seat no matter where I am, and I can’t tell you how valuable that is.

Weather Protection & Cooling Off

The umbrella on the wagon is especially great for protecting your kids from the sun. It’s much better than using a blanket or drapes on your pram which can trap the heat inside. If your child needs a nap during the day, the wagon will lay completely flat, something which not all prams can do. Burleigh Wagon allows for 365-degree air flow to keep your children safe and comfortable.

Extra Storage

Beyond the cool storage, you have even more space for everything you might need. Even if you want to fit a surfboard, you can.


Up until now, I’ve been talking about all the features that you’ll love. What about the kids? Well, children love having an open design. As compared to a pram where they’re all strapped in, they get to sit in the wagon and look around. They’re so occupied that there are fewer meltdowns.


Prams aren’t the most fun. Burleigh Wagon includes a few features for your children to keep them entertained and keep you sane. It even has speakers in it to play your child’s favorite song or to play some white noise to help them relax for a nap. It’s fun and exciting which means you don’t have to force your kids into a pram.

Multiple Children

You want a pram that can fit all of your children. The Burleigh Wagon fits three kids and even with all of our items, everything fits just fine and you get to save your back from carrying them around all day.


Days out are a lot of fun. Days out where the kids are screaming for a nap or a snack are definitely not as fun. That’s why we’ve taken all these into consideration to create the best option for parents to keep their kids safe and entertained, and to hold all their items too. For the best alternative to a basic pram with not much features, you need to check out our Burleigh Wagon!

7 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Sun Safety

7 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Sun Safety

Children love to play outside, and as parents, we want to see our children happily enjoying the ocean and sand.

As parents, we must be educated on the proper precautions to take in order to prevent our children from overexposure to the sun and what to do when our child gets a sunburn. In this post, we’ll cover 7 ways to teach your kids about sun safety and to equip them with the right knowledge to protect themselves.

The Importance of Sun Safety

Everyone needs sunlight. Without sunlight, we cannot produce vitamin D. Without vitamin D, we are unable to absorb calcium, resulting in weak and frail bones. However, overexposure to Ultraviolet rays can lead to skin and eye damage, immune system suppression, and skin cancer.

In 1998, The Cancer Council in Australia launched the SunSmart Schools program. Over 2500 schools and 3500 childcare programs have joined and are educating kids on sun safety. Terry Selvin, Chairman of The Cancer Council in Australia, states that “Being sun smart is just as important as eating your fruits and vegetables.”

7 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Sun Safety

  1. The Wet and Sweat Rule: Even waterproof sunscreen must be reapplied after swimming and physical activities. Get your child in the habit of applying more sunblock after getting wet or sweating.
  2. Play in the Shade: One of the most effective ways to protect your child from sun damage is keeping them in the shade. This can be under a tree, building, umbrella, etc. Our Burleigh Wagon comes with a built-in UV protected umbrella to give added coverage when outdoors. This is a feature that we specially designed when we realised that other wagon brands didn't have something so basic, yet crucial for sun safety.
  3. Develop a Sunscreen Habit: Get yourself and your child in the habit of knowing when to apply sunscreen. In the Northern and Central parts of Australia, sunscreen should be worn every day because the UV rays are consistently above three. The Environmental Protection Agency has a SunWise program with an app that allows you to check the UV Index in your zip code. The higher the UV rays, the more precautions you must take.
  4. Wear Protective Hats and Clothing: Skin cancer commonly occurs on the neck, temples, ears, lips, and nose. This is why wide-brimmed hats are the best hats for long days in the sun. Protective clothing is also an easy and efficient way to prevent overexposure.
  5. Teach Your Child the Shadow Rule: If your shadow is shorter than your height, the likelihood of being sunburnt by UV rays increases. So teach your child the “Short Shadow? Seek Shade” rule.
  6. Sunglasses for Eye Protection: The Skin Care Foundation recommends kids over six months wear sunglasses because kids under the age of 10 are at higher risk of ocular changes caused by sun damage. The skin and eyelids of children are also more sensitive than adults.  We love Ace Optics, which is an Australian owned and designed polarised performance optics built for all extreme conditions.  Check them out at
  7. Be a Role Model: Your child isn’t going to feel obligated to wear a hat, sunglasses, or apply sunscreen if you don’t do so yourself. Be a good role model in order to keep your child healthy and embrace the importance of sun safety.


How to Treat a Sunburn:

• Have your child take a cool bath (not too cold)

• Dab a wet towel on the sunburn to soothe pain and relieve heat

• Apply Aloe Vera gel to all sunburned areas

• Give your child an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen to ease the itching and pain

• Apply moisturizing lotion to rehydrate the skin

• For more intense sunburns apply hydrocortisone

• For severe and blistering sunburns - call your doctor


There are endless easy ways to keep your child protected on top of sunscreen and cute sunglasses. Our Burleigh Wagon is a very simple way of providing an extra layer of protection – it actually has built-in coverage. This allows you to enjoy time outside with your child without the worry of finding extra shade on an especially sunny day.

With these simple ideas, you can take now take the necessary measures in keeping your child's skin protected and teach them how to protect themselves while having fun in the sun.

7 of Australia’s Best Beaches to Explore with Your Sand-Loving Kids

7 of Australia's Best Beaches

As parents, we want our kids to get outside to enjoy the fresh air, sun, and sand. Yes, sand. Even though it does happen to get everywhere and we end up having to sweep it up for days, it’s all worth it for the amazing memories on a family-friendly beach. Finding a stunning beach in Australia isn’t tough, but narrowing down your list of options is. Before you choose one at random, check out these 7 great Aussie beaches that are perfect for a day of family fun.

7 Of Australia’s Best Beaches to Explore with Your Sand-Loving Kids

Balmoral Beach, NSW

With the enclosed netted area and boardwalk surrounding this beach, Balmoral Beach is the perfect place to introduce your kids to the ocean. This beach is a great option if you are looking after multiple kids, especially if you still have one or two that are very young. There are even a few amazing places to eat nearby, like the Boathouse Restaurant, making your day that much more enjoyable.

Mandalay Beach, WA

Located on the West Coast, Mandalay Beach is more isolated than some of the more popular beaches out there. Bring your kids along to this quiet coast to interact with nature without the pressure of big crowds nearby. Check out the coast and enjoy some time in the quiet together. Do be aware that there's a bit of a hike to there unless you find specific entry points your car can access. Since it is more isolated, make sure to bring your own snacks and refreshments too.

Busselton, WA

Lots of kids love trains. I know that my oldest has been collecting them for years, which is part of the reason why I loved taking the kids to Busselton. Your kids will be able to see the 19th-century wooden jetty while you all enjoy the beach. The entire shoreline is protected from winds and the strong surf thanks to the cape, which means that swimming conditions are great for your kiddos. If you get tired of the sand, head inside to check out the Underwater Observatory to explore the coral reef and marine life underneath the ocean. During summer, you can even bring your kids to the inflatable water park for a little more fun.

Main Beach, QLD

Grab your kids and check out the best of what the Gold Coast has to offer with Main Beach. This is a beautiful location with calm waves that are easy to swim in, and many people patrolling to keep everyone safe. It is quite easy to get to and your Burleigh Wagon will be ideal to pull your little ones over the sand to the edge of the water where they can see the dolphins that inhabit the main strip. If it's the right season you can also spot whales! You may not want to go during the Festival of Surfing in March, but head on over for a relaxing day on this sheltered beach. With all the best lunch spots nearby, it’s easy to make a day out of this trip for a good value.

Caloundra, QLD

Not only is there an amazing beach in Caloundra, but also there are many family activities set around the town for plenty of fun even when the kids start getting tired of the sand. Get them into the calm waters to try paddle boarding, or teach them to play cricket in the white sand. Since this island is sheltered from the ocean, the winds aren’t too strong and it is much safer for younger children to get their feet wet. Once you start getting hungry, bring your family over to the boardwalk to get something to eat, or to see some of the many nature reserves set around. This is an easy place to show your kids the natural wonders around them.

Collaroy Beach, NSW

Up along Northern Sydney, you’ll find Collaroy Beach - a wonderfully stunning and kid-friendly beach to bring the whole family. Play with your kids on the sand and near the water, or take them to the amazing playground nearby. You can also bring your toddlers to the paddling pool to help them learn how to swim while keeping them safe. When everyone’s tired, pile the kids into your Burleigh Wagon and head on over to one of the cafes right nearby.

Elizabeth Beach, NSW

This stunning NSW attraction has many wide beaches that you can pull your kids along in your Burleigh Wagon to find the perfect place to build sandcastles. There aren't any kiosks on the beach so be sure to bring snacks. It can be difficult to find just the right beach for your kids. You don’t want it to be so crowded that they can’t run around and have fun, but you also don’t want to go to an isolated place that’s difficult to get to.

Australia is incredibly fortunate to have so many amazing beaches to choose from. We hope your Burleigh Wagon will add to your fun and adventure as you create memories and have family-friendly fun together!