The Burleigh Wagon is ideal for children aged 6 months - 6 years plus. Our innovative features and custom design may also benefit children with some disabilities such as developmental delays, sensory issues and/or some mobility limitations. Children over the age of 7 who have developmental growth disorders or a disability such as Spina Bifida may also benefit (see video below).

The Burleigh Wagon will provide parents and carers the peace of mind that their child is safe and better able to participate in family outings. Your child will feel a sense of inclusion and feel like other kids sitting in their Burleigh Wagon.


      Burleigh Stroller Wagon is great for outings and suitable for everyone to use, including:
      • Parents and Carers
      • Grandparents
      • Respite Carers
      • Support Workers
      • Anyone living near a beach or parks with a child
      Key benefits of the Burleigh Stroller Wagon:
      • Meets the Australian Stroller Safety Standards (Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Stroller Safety [CPN No.8 of 2007].
      • Suitable for children with sensory issues, such as sand or grass.
      • Gets mum out of the house – health and well-being.
      • Removable side wall & side door make entering/exiting the wagon easier for children with mobility limitations.
      • Low walls and around the waist 3 point harnesses allow children to feel free & less constrained.
      • Parents have full visibility of children for care.
      • Children can ride with someone else for comfort or even a pet.
      • The Burleigh Wagon is a “safe space” for children who may run off in public.

      Please read our testimonials from parents who are loving their Burleigh Wagon and the wonderful experiences and adventures they are enjoying as a family since owning one. 


      Over a year ago our son was gifted this amazing wagon!! As a special needs mum it’s been so helpful beach days/sports day/groceries pretty much all those busy things we have to do as parents​. ​Most of all my son having access full access to beaches and playgrounds.​ ​This amazing product is now available thru NDIS. I encourage all special need parents to consider if this life saver will help your family like it has ours​.​

      Tyler-rose W.  

      “Miss 3 has sensory processing issues & doesn't handle crowds well. When overstimulated, she struggles to regulate her emotions enough to calm down or communicate effectively. We've had our wagon for a few months & it has become her traveling safe space. We aren't allowed to use the esky as it's her toy compartment & always has the snack tray loaded and her seat belt on before we start moving. Previously when doing something exciting (like playing on a jumping castle at the markets) when it was time to hop off she would stay over stimulated & with the addition of the crowd either meltdown or run away, both dangerous & stressful. With her wagon, she happily hops back in with her stuffed toy strapped to the other seat & demands we "Go mummy go".  Unlike a pram, she can see in all directions & is in her own personal space, that while strapped in, doesn't feel constricting thanks to the open design & being able to place items around her whilst having a full view of mum or Dad. She has acknowledged that having the umbrella makes her feel even more secure & on particularly off days, will ask for it before we walk through a crowd. We've just attended the local fair without any hiccups! Straight off the rides into her wagon pointing at the next destination. Thank you so much for creating a safe way for my family to create more memories and attend public events together.” 

      Tayla L.  

      "My son is plan managed under NDIS so I wrote to his plan manager explaining all the features it had which met his sensory needs when accessing the beach. She was in support of the purchase of the Burleigh wagon and said it sounded great and that it met my son’s sensory needs. I encourage you to speak with your plan manager and get the support to purchase one of these wagons out of your or your loved one’s consumables if this meets your disability needs and makes the beach accessible- the Burleigh Wagon has been a life saver to our trips to the beach!” 

      Rebecca T.  

      “Wow what an amazing product. As a mum of two with level 2 and level 3 autism, the Burleigh Wagon has made my life so much easier. Even was able to purchase with NDIS so easily done. I just brought my wagon and sent the invoice to my plan manager and Boom all sorted! Another way to do it is to request a quote from the lovely team with the bank account information and ABN and send that to your NDIS team. Was really really easy. We now have 2 wagons and our therapist is even purchasing one. Such a great product for all children, even the special ones.” 

      Alice S.


      How to order your Burleigh Stroller Wagon
      We have tried to make the ordering process as simple as possible. Simply fill out the contact form below and include the following information.
      1. Your name, shipping address, email, & phone number.
      2. Your child’s full name, DOB, NDIS #
      3. Your specific order of items, shipping or pick up, and if a personalised number plate the following information: Name, background colour, font colour, and state. (See number plate product for exact information).
      4. Contact name and appropriate email to forward the invoice.

      If you are Plan Managed:
      We can provide an invoice directly to your Plan Manager for payment.

      If you are Self Managed:
      We strongly suggest you get prior approval from your support team/Local Area Coordinator (LAC) prior to purchase to assure you have the available funds and approval.  

      Please Note:
      Each individual NDIS participant's plan and goals may vary, therefore we cannot guarantee that if you purchase your wagon without prior authorisation that it will be approved. If your Burleigh Wagon was purchased in “good faith” with no prior approval and your order has been received and fulfilled, we cannot reimburse if NDIS denies your claim. We will happily reimburse your wagon purchase if your NDIS claim is rejected and your order has not been fulfilled (please be aware: credit card processing fees charged to us will be deducted from total refund amount ranging from 2-6% of total purchase order). If you would like us to not fulfill your order until your payment is reimbursed through your funding, please request this clearly in the notes section of your order at time of purchase. We will then await an email from you letting us know you have received your reimbursement and are ready for us to fulfill your order.

      We recommend everyone request an invoice from us by filling out the form with the needed information mentioned above. Please then review your invoice with your best point of contact (plan manager, support team, LAC). You can reference points outlined above as to why the Burleigh Wagon may assist you and your family. 
      Thank you for joining the Burleigh Wagon family, we look forward to hearing your story and assisting in your journey.  

      Regan Merka

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