Exclusive Christmas Lay-Buy Offer to Secure Your Burleigh Wagon

*For as little as $67 per month!

Don’t miss out on securing your Burleigh Wagon for Christmas, as we typically sell out in early November each year and don't get more stock in before Christmas!
How PUT IT ON LAY-BUY works?
  • Pay a Deposit of 20% (non-refundable), which is as little as $80 down (varies with accessories and shipping rates). Payments will be made through PUT IT ON LAY-BUY APP via PayPal. 
  • Select months to pay (up to 6 months to pay balance). 
  • Monthly payment will be automatic through PayPal. The monthly payment amount will be the balance after deposit, divided by the amount of months you selected.
  • Your order will be fulfilled once final monthly payment is completed.
  • If you would like to pay off the balance earlier to receive your wagon sooner, feel free to email us and we can assist you with that.
  • Full PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Terms & Conditions available here.


How to secure your wagon with Lay-Buy?

  • Add your Burleigh Wagon and any accessories to your cart.
  • Select payment method as "PUT IT ON LAY-BUY" during checkout.
  • Select 'down payment' and  'months to pay' options.
  • Pay deposit and secure your wagon.


Have any questions? Feel free to contact us on 0439989054