As Aussies, we have an advantage over other places when it comes to the winter months. There is no need to worry about freezing temperatures or being snowed in, and your family can even enjoy trips to the beach. While you may not get the winter wonderland that most around the world have, there is no shortage of things you can do with your children in order to have a great time. If you are looking for some inspiration for family activities this winter, look no further than these recommendations. 

Make It Educational
While it may not seem like it to your kids, walking around an educational centre like a museum or animal sanctuary can be a great way to provide knowledge and fun. You can sit your younger kids in our Burleigh Wagon as you move through an animal sanctuary or zoo to prevent them from getting tired out too quickly and let them take in the sights and sounds around them. Zoos and aquariums often have areas specifically to be hands-on for children as well so they have a chance to play.

Kids in The Park
If you’re in Sydney, you’d have heard of Kids in The Park. Known for their wide range of activities just for kids, it is ideal for school holidays and has many free options. Located in Sydney Olympic Park, Kids in the Park lets your kids enjoy playing in a safe space while giving mum and dad a chance to sit back and watch the kids have fun in the bench mode of your wagon.

Enjoy A Winter Festival
While you aren’t going to see the standard white Christmas in Australia, winter festivals are held throughout the winter months to create a man-made version for residents to enjoy. With ice rinks, fake snow and treats like hot chocolate, you can give your children the experience of a winter wonderland without needing to travel. Dreamworld on the Gold Coast has a great Winterfest on now until 21 July 2019!

Dog Sledding
While you may not associate Australia with dog sledding, there are active sled dog tours in Mt. Buller, VIC. The Australian sled dogs not only provide rides but a petting session for the kids. You can also get souvenir plushies of the dogs for the kids to cuddle and remember the day with.

Enjoy a Show
While there are plenty of kids movies in the cinema during the holiday season, there are live entertainment options that offer more interactivity without the strict silence of a standard movie theater. This makes them ideal for younger children who may struggle to sit still for long periods of time. You can also simply do a quick web search for kid’s shows near you and introduce your children to a new experience.  

Visit A National Park
Getting out and exploring nature is a fantastic way to spend time with your kids, but especially in winter. In the warmer months, you are more likely to run into dangerous creatures like snakes. But in winter, the colder temperatures keep these threats at bay without being too cold to hike. Your kids can get some fresh air while checking out the beauties of nature, and you can all enjoy a picnic lunch while you’re there.

Head to The Beach
It may not be your first thought in winter, but the beach is still a great place to take your kids. Enjoy a walk along the water as well as some beach sports like frisbee or football. This is also another great place to have a picnic and winter can often mean the beach won’t be as overcrowded. Our Burleigh Wagon is a great companion for your trips to the beach!

There is no need to miss out on making some great family memories this winter. Whether you want to make it educational, or just want to enjoy some relaxing family time, any of these activities will make your winter season an enjoyable one.