Our Story

Nathan and I moved to the Gold Coast Queensland from Southern California with our 2 young daughters. We found the Gold Coast offered us the sort of lifestyle we could embrace from the beautiful beaches to the variety of markets and parks. We also found that, like many families with young children, getting out of the house and seeing the sites could be a challenge. We had outgrown the traditional pram, but still needed an efficient and safe way to get the children, together will all the family ‘extras', from point A to Point B without the multiple trips to and from the family vehicle. 

We tried many different types of wagons. We felt the fold up wagons were unstable and once we folded it, we needed somewhere to put all these 'extras' that were now scattered all over the boot of the family vehicle.

We found other wagons difficult to steer. We could not easily move them through crowds and they had little storage space for the things we needed. We usually found that every trip to the park or beach was constantly interrupted with the usual requests that most parents of young children experience. We found the family outdoor time was usually cut short because some of the essential ‘outing’ accessories were not there. The result was that the family outing experience became unpleasant. This proved to be the incentive to both design and produce a stroller wagon which families could easily use and enjoy outings with their young children again.

The Burleigh Wagon was born. A practical, easy to manoeuvre stroller wagon that fits right into our busy outdoor lifestyle. Testing the Burleigh Stroller Wagon, we found that we were finally confident that our daughters were safe, happy, and loving the freedom their stroller wagon gave them. We now spend more time enjoying the outdoors with greater ease.

Like us, we trust that you will enjoy the Burleigh Stroller Wagon as much as we have.

-Regan Merka