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5 star reviews
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5 year warranty
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Warranty Information

Warranty Information:

  • All Burleigh Wagons come with a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase. We guarantee that your wagon will be free from any manufacturing defects during normal use and in compliance with the operating instructions. Please note that the warranty is applicable for personal use only.

  • Accessories, picnicware, and beach essentials purchased from Burleigh Wagon are covered by a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase. These items are also warranted to be free from any manufacturing defects under normal use and in compliance with the operating instructions.

  • The warranty is non-transferable and is valid only for the original retail purchaser. It is essential to retain proof of purchase for the limited warranty.

  • Please be aware that the warranty is valid only in the original country of purchase and is subject to the conditions set forth by that country. Conditions may vary. We do not ship replacement or repair parts outside of the country of purchase.

  • In the event of a warranty claim, Burleigh Wagon will provide replacement parts or conduct repairs as deemed appropriate by the company. We reserve the right to exchange the item with a replacement part, and in some cases, newer model parts may be used as improvements are made to the wagon over time.

  • It's important to note that our wagons are manufactured using a combination of rotational and blow molding techniques. These processes involve heating and cooling plastic sheets to create the necessary molds for wagon production. As a result, minor cosmetic imperfections such as dents, small scuffs, minor black marks, or scratches may occur. These imperfections do not affect the strength, durability, or functionality of the wagon. Each wagon is individually inspected, and if any imperfections fall outside our quality standards, the wagon will be deemed defective and not sent to the customer. Please understand that no two wagons will be cosmetically identical since each one is pulled from the mold and hand-trimmed. We do not accept returns or exchanges based on minor cosmetic flaws, as they do not warrant claiming the wagon as faulty.

  • It's essential to know that this warranty does not cover repair issues caused by misuse, poor maintenance, improper installation of Burleigh Wagon parts and accessories, damage due to lack of maintenance or service resulting in corrosion, mold or rust, general wear and tear from everyday use or negligence, damage caused by sun intensity, sweat, detergents, damp storage, or frequent washings, repairs or modifications carried out by a third party, purchase from an unauthorized retailer (approved retailers are listed on our website), second-hand purchases, or damage resulting from an accident, airline or freight handling.

  • If you receive a damaged or defective item, please contact us within 7 business days of receiving the goods at info@burleighwagon.com.au. Provide your order number, a description and images of the damage or defect, along with your email address and phone number. Once we receive all the necessary information, we will authorize the return of the goods and arrange a credit towards your next purchase or send a replacement product upon receiving the original item(s) back. Please securely pack the item(s) in the original product packaging and include all paperwork, parts, and accessories. Please note that failure to report damage or defects within 7 business days of receiving the item will render it ineligible for return or exchange.

  • This warranty applies to personal use only. If you are interested in a commercial application for the Wagon Stroller, please contact us to discuss your specific needs and warranty coverage. We can provide information about our maintenance program, which is part of our commercial offering.

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