Getting the kids out for a picnic on the beach or at the park is one of our family’s favourite activities. But when you have little ones, it can be challenging just getting to the picnic spot with all the things we need to pack. After all, you wouldn’t want to be stuck out at the picnic with a bunch of essentials lacking.

Here are some essentials you should pack for your family picnic:

1. A Durable and Versatile Picnic Basket
Having a spacious and functional picnic basket and cooler is one of the most important things to have for your picnic. Our Greywash Picnic Basket comes with 2 mini stem glasses, ceramic plates, cutlery, and more. We’ve put a lot of thought into its design to make it compatible with the Burleigh Wagon. Store your picnic food in the wagon’s esky compartment and store away your picnic table in the surfboard holder after you’re done.

2. Food, Of Course!
Keeping it simple is the best way to go, especially if your little ones are not picky eaters. Veggies like carrots, bell pepper slices, cherry tomatoes, and sliced cucumbers are great snacks that are very nutritious at the same time. Sticking with healthy pre-packaged foods are also a great choice, as well as some simple sandwiches or wraps you will all enjoy. Make sure to bring ice packs or ice to keep your food and drinks nice and cold.

3. A Comfy Blanket or Portable Table & Chairs
Sitting on prickly grass or an anthill is a quick way to have a rough time outdoors, but bringing a comfortable blanket to settle down on will keep everyone happier - and itch-free! Folding chairs and tables will come in handy too. Of course, the Burleigh Wagon is perfect for this. Let your kids rest or sit on the wagon when they’re tired or having a snack.

4. Activities for you and the Little ones
Having fun outdoor games and toys for you and the kids to enjoy in the sunshine is great for bonding time. At the park, hula-hoops, a ball, or a frisbee will be great. You can invent a new game using all three!

5. Cleaning supplies

Make sure you bring along some trash bags, sanitiser, and napkins or paper towels to clean up any messes that may happen while on your picnic adventure. Wet wipes are great for sticky messes on fingers and faces.

6. Spare clothing - Warm & Cold
Keeping some extra clean clothes on hand is always a must for us with our littles ones - especially when spending time outdoors. You just never know when someone is going to get a wee bit dirty.

7. Sunscreen & Insect Repellents
We never go anywhere without sunscreen and insect repellents, especially for long outdoor excursions. We like to travel with both in case we end up spending time outside and we need them. Keeping a First Aid kit handy is also a big must-have for those unpredictable ouchies. I like to keep a small first aid kit handy in the boot storage compartment of the wagon.

Happy picnicking! 🧺  Be sure to tag #burleighwagon on your next family picnic.

Benefits of playing outdoors for your children

Benefits of playing outdoors for your children

In this generation today, children tend to spend a lot of time in front of the TV or their iPads. We already know that excessive screen time is harmful but if you need more convincing about letting your children spend time playing outdoors, here are a string of benefits you should know about.

Benefits of Playing Outdoors for Your Children

Healthy Kids
With all that open space, they’ll be able to get some exercise and gain fine motor skills and will be able to really run around and expend some energy too. Not to mention that playing outside helps strengthen the bones and prevents obesity too.
If you’ve been a little stressed and you’re worried that your child is feeling that stress too, going outside will be great for them. All that fresh air will help both of you feel so much better.

The sun does more than light up your day. Physically being in the sun can help your child gain some much-needed exposure to Vitamin D, and can improve their immune system. They might even sleep better and be in a better mood—all because of the sun.
Of course, your child might get hot, or you might worry about too much sun exposure. The Burleigh Wagon can come in handy for them to sit in, or to keep some snacks and water in there.

Learning and Development
Yes, playing outdoors will help your child be smarter. That’s because being outside helps them to develop their learning abilities through new information, skills, and ideas. They’ll be able to engage in a way that they can’t do inside.
They’ll also be able to develop better too. There are actually optometry and vision studies that show that children who play outside regularly will have better distance vision. Your younger children will gain so much from seeing and feeling new things as well as they see birds, bugs, and flowers that just don’t grow inside your home. Let them explore a little bit, even if you’re only in your own backyard.

Not only will your child develop a healthy body, but they’ll develop a healthy and creative mind too. Playing unstructured outdoors will help your child develop positive behavioral skills, and will give them a chance to be more inventive and creative as they look around them and explore the natural world.

Your child will be able to invent and play games with their siblings and friends, or even with you if you want to play around a little bit too. Even small interactions can help you improve their communication, cooperation, and organisational abilities.

Children who play outside more are actually known to have better attention spans. This is because they can channel themselves into more self-directed play and learn to initiate activities on their own. There are even studies of children with ADHD that show that children who spend more time outdoors tend to exhibit fewer overall symptoms.

Happiness and Independence
Let’s not forget a big benefit of taking your child outdoor: happiness. Being outside is something that can improve your child’s mood and help relax them, especially as you give them a little taste of independence. Let them play a little with their siblings and other children as they learn to share, take turns, and move around in an unfamiliar environment.

There are so many benefits to playing outside—both for your child and for you too. Let some of your stress melt away as you watch your child learn new skills and get a little sunshine, and expend some energy!

7 Ways To Create Special Family Memories With Your Kids

7 Ways To Create Special Family Memories With Your Kids

Every parent wants to create those great childhood memories that their children will look back on fondly. But it can sometimes be so overwhelming trying to plan activities to create those memories that you forget what matters.

Luckily, there isn’t a need to spend a small fortune on elaborate holidays to create amazing memories. What makes a memory special is the interactions and laughs you share. If you are looking to make some of those special memories, it may be far easier than you think. Check out our suggestions for some easy ideas!

7 Ways to Create Special Family Memories with Your Kids

Go to The Zoo

If you are looking for an easy way to make memories, look no further than the zoo. The wide variety of animals your little ones will get to see will be enough to hold their interest. You may even be able to slip in a little educational information too as you teach them about what they see.

You can watch their amazing little faces as they see creatures they only imagined or saw in kids’ books. Bring your Burleigh Wagon along to make longer trips more comfortable for everyone. It’ll just add that extra touch of excitement for the kids.

Many zoos also have areas for kids to play, especially younger ones who may need a break. Just look for zoos in your area and check out all the different activities and programs they may offer.

 Go Fruit Picking

While it may not seem as exciting as seeing an elephant up close, fruit picking can be another simple way to make memories. Whether it’s apples, berries or other fruits, fruit picking provides your child with a sense of accomplishment as they add their fruit to your haul. You can also add to the memories by baking the fruit you picked to spend some more quality time together.

Start A Family Tradition or Hobby

Family time is so important to a child, and hectic schedules can sometimes make it hard to set aside time to spend together. Creating a family tradition or hobby allows you to better schedule time together. It can also be a staple for years to come.

It can be an annual thing like a special Christmas tradition, or even a daily or weekly thing like taking a family walk. Why not make a weekly stroll down the beach with the little ones in your Burleigh Wagon.

Get Artistic

Art and craft offers you a great opportunity to create memories and also, save those memories with what you create. This can be anything from drawing, to chalk art and even scrapbooking to put all your memories in one place.

Explore the Outdoors

Nature has a lot to offer and it is free. Whether it is a simple walk around a park, a day at the beach, or even a trek through the woods, the fresh air and sun are great for your kids and the views can be amazing. Just remember to take your Burleigh Wagon along to give the kids a nice spot to rest when they get tired.

Take A Road Trip

Sometimes the best memories aren't the ones that you plan. If you are looking to do a more spontaneous day, why not fill the tank with gas and just drive around until you find something you want to do. You never know what you may find along the way and it creates a little adventure.

Check Out Local Events

There is always something going on in towns and cities. Whether it is a festival, concert, or just a get-together, you can usually find great kinds of kid-friendly events without having to travel too far. This is also a great way to let the kids experience their community.


Memories are something that can't be bought or traded. They have to be created through special time with friends and family. Even the simplest outing can become a cherished childhood memory when love and time are put in. So take advantage of the nice weather and make some memories that you will look back on for years to come.

7 Activities to Enjoy with your Kids in Winter

7 Activities to Enjoy with your Kids in Winter

As Aussies, we have an advantage over other places when it comes to the winter months. There is no need to worry about freezing temperatures or being snowed in, and your family can even enjoy trips to the beach. While you may not get the winter wonderland that most around the world have, there is no shortage of things you can do with your children in order to have a great time. If you are looking for some inspiration for family activities this winter, look no further than these recommendations. 

Make It Educational
While it may not seem like it to your kids, walking around an educational centre like a museum or animal sanctuary can be a great way to provide knowledge and fun. You can sit your younger kids in our Burleigh Wagon as you move through an animal sanctuary or zoo to prevent them from getting tired out too quickly and let them take in the sights and sounds around them. Zoos and aquariums often have areas specifically to be hands-on for children as well so they have a chance to play.

Kids in The Park
If you’re in Sydney, you’d have heard of Kids in The Park. Known for their wide range of activities just for kids, it is ideal for school holidays and has many free options. Located in Sydney Olympic Park, Kids in the Park lets your kids enjoy playing in a safe space while giving mum and dad a chance to sit back and watch the kids have fun in the bench mode of your wagon.

Enjoy A Winter Festival
While you aren’t going to see the standard white Christmas in Australia, winter festivals are held throughout the winter months to create a man-made version for residents to enjoy. With ice rinks, fake snow and treats like hot chocolate, you can give your children the experience of a winter wonderland without needing to travel. Dreamworld on the Gold Coast has a great Winterfest on now until 21 July 2019!

Dog Sledding
While you may not associate Australia with dog sledding, there are active sled dog tours in Mt. Buller, VIC. The Australian sled dogs not only provide rides but a petting session for the kids. You can also get souvenir plushies of the dogs for the kids to cuddle and remember the day with.

Enjoy a Show
While there are plenty of kids movies in the cinema during the holiday season, there are live entertainment options that offer more interactivity without the strict silence of a standard movie theater. This makes them ideal for younger children who may struggle to sit still for long periods of time. You can also simply do a quick web search for kid’s shows near you and introduce your children to a new experience.  

Visit A National Park
Getting out and exploring nature is a fantastic way to spend time with your kids, but especially in winter. In the warmer months, you are more likely to run into dangerous creatures like snakes. But in winter, the colder temperatures keep these threats at bay without being too cold to hike. Your kids can get some fresh air while checking out the beauties of nature, and you can all enjoy a picnic lunch while you’re there.

Head to The Beach
It may not be your first thought in winter, but the beach is still a great place to take your kids. Enjoy a walk along the water as well as some beach sports like frisbee or football. This is also another great place to have a picnic and winter can often mean the beach won’t be as overcrowded. Our Burleigh Wagon is a great companion for your trips to the beach!

There is no need to miss out on making some great family memories this winter. Whether you want to make it educational, or just want to enjoy some relaxing family time, any of these activities will make your winter season an enjoyable one. 

Top 8 Parks and Trails in Australia That Your Kids Will Go Wild For

Top 8 Parks and Trails in Australia That Your Kids Will Go Wild For

If you’re an outdoorsy parent, you probably have experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to hike and explore with little ones. However, there are many parks and trails in Australia that are completely child-friendly!

Many are even accessible by the Burleigh Wagon for your kids to ride in. These parks make it easy to bring the kids along and will get you that outdoor fix you crave.

Adelaide Park Lands Trail

An 18-kilometer circuit that circles Adelaide, the Adelaide Park Lands Route is the perfect option to pick your own distance.

With this wheelchair and wagon accessible trail lined with parks, playgrounds, and picnic areas, you can choose where you want to enter and exit, so you aren't committed to finishing a full trail. This is great for little ones who may get tired and grouchy along the way.

Smith Creek Trail

A relatively short trail, the Smith Creek Trail takes 2 hours to complete and features fun art and bollards along the route. Your child will get to enjoy artwork designed by local primary school children.

The family-friendly path is also almost entirely paved with asphalt so it would be easy to pull the Burleigh Wagon along.

The Royal National Park - Lady Carrington Drive

Lady Carrington Drive at the Royal National Park is the perfect trail to let your kids experience nature. The 10-kilometer trail features many interesting natural features for your little ones to look at and three picnic areas along the way to sit and rest.

Designed for cycling, the trail is flat and wheel-friendly so you’ll have no problem pushing your kids along as you enjoy the fun walk this trail provides.

Mambray Creek - Wirra Water Loop

Enjoy an opportunity for your children to learn about nature and wildlife on this path. The Wirra Water Loop is a short 1.6-kilometer path, so it is a great option if you're worried about your little ones feeling worn out.

Outdoorsy parents know it's no fun to have a tired kid in the middle of a 15-kilometer hike, but this short path with interpretive signs to read and waterbeds to admire will keep your child occupied and excited.

Sydney Harbour National Park - Middle Head

Middle Head is a great option if you’re looking for a day’s adventure to learn something new. The Don Goodsir Track will take you to see military forts and relics built in the 1800s, and you can even take a guided tour to learn about the military history of the park!

This is a really great activity for kids who are a little older and will enjoy seeing old gun pits and military tunnels.

Banrock Station Wetland Walking Trails

The Banrock Station Wetland Walking Trails is a set of trails that allow you to pick your route and guide yourself through a beautiful wetland landscape.

The routes range from 1 to 3 hours in duration so you can easily design your walk according to your child’s attention span. View wildlife and learn about the importance of wetlands as you push your kiddos along the trail.

Elliston Coastal Trail

Another set of trails with multiple options, the Elliston Coastal Trail is a 13.6-kilometer trek with miniature pathways within. The trail allows you to view the gorgeous Eyre peninsula coastline as you walk along the beach.

The Trail will make a nice change of scenery if you don’t get out to the coast much and will allow your kids to explore the beach environment.

Wittunga Botanic Garden - Wittunga Naming Walk

If you enjoy looking at plants, this Botanic Garden allows you an opportunity to read interpretive signs and learn about various plants in the garden.

The walk is completely self-guided and only 1 kilometer long. It is a great one to take your time and let your kids learn about different plants.


Thankfully, there are many kid-friendly trail options in Australia to take your little ones out to enjoy the outdoors. Our Burleigh Wagon will make the trek so much easier! Your little ones will enjoy learning new things and experiencing the outdoors at any of these Australian parks and trails.