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Why Choose the Burleigh Wagon for Your Family?

The Burleigh Wagon offers a unique blend of a wagon and a stroller, making family outings easier and less stressful. It's not just a gear carrier; it's designed to safely transport both your children and your belongings. Ideal for children aged 6 months and above, the wagon has a total weight capacity of 150kg, catering to various needs and disabilities, including developmental delays, sensory issues, and mobility limitations. It's also suitable for children with conditions like Spina Bifida or developmental growth disorders.


Ordering Your Burleigh Stroller Wagon is Simple

Simply fill in the contact form below, and we will email you an invoice. If you're Plan Managed, we'll send the invoice directly to you for forwarding to your Plan Manager. If you're Self Managed, you can claim the invoice directly, or you can place your order online and use the invoice for reimbursement.

*We strongly recommend obtaining prior approval from your support team or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) to ensure available funds and approval.


Benefits of the Burleigh Stroller Wagon:

  • Meets Australian Stroller Safety Standards (Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Stroller Safety [CPN No.8 of 2007]) and US Stroller Safety Standards ASTM F833.
  • Provides a safe and inclusive space for children with sensory issues, such as sand or grass
  • Features a removable side wall and side door for easy access, benefiting children with mobility limitations
  • Easy mobility for parents, improving health and well-being
  • Low walls and a comfortable 3-point harness give children a sense of freedom
  • Ensures parents have full visibility and care of their children
  • Allows children to ride with a companion or even a pet for added comfort
  • Provides a safe space for children who tend to wander in public
Important Note:

Please note that discount codes cannot be applied to NDIS orders. Each NDIS participant's plan and goals may vary, so prior authorisation is recommended to ensure approval. If your claim is denied after purchasing in "good faith," we cannot reimburse your order. However, if your claim is rejected and your order has not been fulfilled, we'll be happy to reimburse your purchase (credit card processing fees may apply). If you prefer to wait for reimbursement before order fulfilment, please mention it clearly in the notes section of your purchase order.

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