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Instruction Manual

Welcome to the Burleigh Wagon Family!

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for choosing Burleigh Wagon, the world's most versatile wagon. We're thrilled to have you on board! To ensure you make the most of your Burleigh Wagon experience, we've included comprehensive instructions that will unlock its full potential. By following this manual, you'll embark on a journey of boundless adventure and countless unforgettable moments with your wagon.

Instruction Manual PDF


It's important to note that our wagons are manufactured using a combination of rotational and blow molding techniques. These processes involve heating and cooling plastic sheets to create the necessary molds for wagon production. As a result, minor cosmetic imperfections such as dents, small scuffs, minor black marks, or scratches may occur. These slight variations may include ones such as part size, small marks/scratches/holes, slight discolouration, or minor indentations.These imperfections do not affect the strength, durability, or functionality of the wagon.

Each wagon is individually inspected, and if any imperfections fall outside our quality standards, the wagon will be deemed defective and not sent to the customer. Please understand that no two wagons will be cosmetically identical since each one is pulled from the mold and hand-trimmed.

Our team here at Burleigh Wagon inspects every wagon before it leaves our warehouse and strives to deliver the best functioning wagon with the least possible part variation to ensure it conforms to our standard.

We do not accept returns or exchanges based on minor cosmetic flaws, as they do not warrant claiming the wagon as faulty.


The Burleigh Wagon was designed for easy care and maintenance. After each use we recommend to remove all salt water, sand, and dirt by hosing with fresh water or wiping down with a wet cloth. Remove speaker accessory and umbrella prior to hosing with fresh water. Use a soft brush to gently remove any sand or dirt from the wagon. Dry off wheels and axle rods completely. Good cleaning and maintenance will keep your Burleigh Wagon operating smoothly. When not in use, keep wagon stored out of direct sunlight and rain. When washing your wagon, try to avoid getting water inside drainage/airation/umbrella holes in the main body of the wagon and its panels.

For stubborn stains and tough marks, we highly recommend employing eucalyptus oil along with a sturdy scrub brush. This powerful combination works wonders in tackling even the most persistent blemishes. Additionally, for an added layer of protection and a brilliant shine, our top recommendation is cleaning and polishing with Armoral. This not only safeguards the plastic but also enhances its appearance with an enduring luster.

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