Every parent wants to create those great childhood memories that their children will look back on fondly. But it can sometimes be so overwhelming trying to plan activities to create those memories that you forget what matters.

Luckily, there isn’t a need to spend a small fortune on elaborate holidays to create amazing memories. What makes a memory special is the interactions and laughs you share. If you are looking to make some of those special memories, it may be far easier than you think. Check out our suggestions for some easy ideas!

7 Ways to Create Special Family Memories with Your Kids

Go to The Zoo

If you are looking for an easy way to make memories, look no further than the zoo. The wide variety of animals your little ones will get to see will be enough to hold their interest. You may even be able to slip in a little educational information too as you teach them about what they see.

You can watch their amazing little faces as they see creatures they only imagined or saw in kids’ books. Bring your Burleigh Wagon along to make longer trips more comfortable for everyone. It’ll just add that extra touch of excitement for the kids.

Many zoos also have areas for kids to play, especially younger ones who may need a break. Just look for zoos in your area and check out all the different activities and programs they may offer.

 Go Fruit Picking

While it may not seem as exciting as seeing an elephant up close, fruit picking can be another simple way to make memories. Whether it’s apples, berries or other fruits, fruit picking provides your child with a sense of accomplishment as they add their fruit to your haul. You can also add to the memories by baking the fruit you picked to spend some more quality time together.

Start A Family Tradition or Hobby

Family time is so important to a child, and hectic schedules can sometimes make it hard to set aside time to spend together. Creating a family tradition or hobby allows you to better schedule time together. It can also be a staple for years to come.

It can be an annual thing like a special Christmas tradition, or even a daily or weekly thing like taking a family walk. Why not make a weekly stroll down the beach with the little ones in your Burleigh Wagon.

Get Artistic

Art and craft offers you a great opportunity to create memories and also, save those memories with what you create. This can be anything from drawing, to chalk art and even scrapbooking to put all your memories in one place.

Explore the Outdoors

Nature has a lot to offer and it is free. Whether it is a simple walk around a park, a day at the beach, or even a trek through the woods, the fresh air and sun are great for your kids and the views can be amazing. Just remember to take your Burleigh Wagon along to give the kids a nice spot to rest when they get tired.

Take A Road Trip

Sometimes the best memories aren't the ones that you plan. If you are looking to do a more spontaneous day, why not fill the tank with gas and just drive around until you find something you want to do. You never know what you may find along the way and it creates a little adventure.

Check Out Local Events

There is always something going on in towns and cities. Whether it is a festival, concert, or just a get-together, you can usually find great kinds of kid-friendly events without having to travel too far. This is also a great way to let the kids experience their community.


Memories are something that can't be bought or traded. They have to be created through special time with friends and family. Even the simplest outing can become a cherished childhood memory when love and time are put in. So take advantage of the nice weather and make some memories that you will look back on for years to come.