In this generation today, children tend to spend a lot of time in front of the TV or their iPads. We already know that excessive screen time is harmful but if you need more convincing about letting your children spend time playing outdoors, here are a string of benefits you should know about.

Benefits of Playing Outdoors for Your Children

Healthy Kids
With all that open space, they’ll be able to get some exercise and gain fine motor skills and will be able to really run around and expend some energy too. Not to mention that playing outside helps strengthen the bones and prevents obesity too.
If you’ve been a little stressed and you’re worried that your child is feeling that stress too, going outside will be great for them. All that fresh air will help both of you feel so much better.

The sun does more than light up your day. Physically being in the sun can help your child gain some much-needed exposure to Vitamin D, and can improve their immune system. They might even sleep better and be in a better mood—all because of the sun.
Of course, your child might get hot, or you might worry about too much sun exposure. The Burleigh Wagon can come in handy for them to sit in, or to keep some snacks and water in there.

Learning and Development
Yes, playing outdoors will help your child be smarter. That’s because being outside helps them to develop their learning abilities through new information, skills, and ideas. They’ll be able to engage in a way that they can’t do inside.
They’ll also be able to develop better too. There are actually optometry and vision studies that show that children who play outside regularly will have better distance vision. Your younger children will gain so much from seeing and feeling new things as well as they see birds, bugs, and flowers that just don’t grow inside your home. Let them explore a little bit, even if you’re only in your own backyard.

Not only will your child develop a healthy body, but they’ll develop a healthy and creative mind too. Playing unstructured outdoors will help your child develop positive behavioral skills, and will give them a chance to be more inventive and creative as they look around them and explore the natural world.

Your child will be able to invent and play games with their siblings and friends, or even with you if you want to play around a little bit too. Even small interactions can help you improve their communication, cooperation, and organisational abilities.

Children who play outside more are actually known to have better attention spans. This is because they can channel themselves into more self-directed play and learn to initiate activities on their own. There are even studies of children with ADHD that show that children who spend more time outdoors tend to exhibit fewer overall symptoms.

Happiness and Independence
Let’s not forget a big benefit of taking your child outdoor: happiness. Being outside is something that can improve your child’s mood and help relax them, especially as you give them a little taste of independence. Let them play a little with their siblings and other children as they learn to share, take turns, and move around in an unfamiliar environment.

There are so many benefits to playing outside—both for your child and for you too. Let some of your stress melt away as you watch your child learn new skills and get a little sunshine, and expend some energy!