Christmas is just a few weeks away!

If you’ve been procrastinating with your Christmas shopping and now find yourself frantically googling ‘family friendly Christmas presents’ we have good news for you – we are here to help you find the perfect gifts.

Christmas is one of our favourite holidays here at Burleigh Wagon, so we’ve curated a guide of the best family-friendly Christmas gifts to help make your Christmas shopping a breeze! Whether you’re looking to shop for your parents, children, or extended family, our range of Aussie gifts will suit everyone.

Gifts under $50

1. Bamboo Cheeseboard & Knife Set | $39

There are few better ways to spend the school holidays (or any summer weekend) than with some snacks and your favourite cheese. Featuring three cute designs and four cheese knives, load your cheeseboard up with fruit, crackers and your favourite cheese and enjoy a long weekend down by the beach, pool or your local park.

2. Fly Fan | $27

If there is one thing that ruins a good afternoon picnic more than a storm, it’s flies. Designed in three cute colours with carefully placed light refractor strips, our fly fans make these small annoying creatures a thing of the past. Spinning silently beside you and your food to ensure you can enjoy your time outdoors in peace. The rotating wings are also made from a soft plastic, ensuring small, curious hands are perfectly safe. These make great stocking stuffers!

3. Aussie Beach Towel | $39

Beach Towels are a staple Christmas item for any Australian kid, and we’re proud to introduce our brand new Aussie Beach Towels! Coming in two types of material, enjoy sand-free days at the beach with our Sand-Free Suede, or cuddle up in our fluffy Terry Cloth towel after a day in the water. Our Aussie Beach Towel comes in one classically Australian design featuring a map of Australia, teaching your kids about the country while keeping them warm & dry on adventures!

Gifts under $80

1. Silicone Beach Toy Bundle | $59

Gone are the days of carrying around clunky, plastic beach toys that fade and break after enough time at the beach. Let us introduce our Silicone Beach Toy Bundle, created with durable, 100 percent food grade silicone and perfect for enjoying at the beach for years to come. Coming with one Silicone Bucket and Spade, five Silicone Moulds, a Silicone Frizbee and a convenient carry bag, your kids imagination will be able to run wild with their new beach toys. Psssstttt... great for bath time too :)

2. Sand-Free Picnic Mat | $69

Want to enjoy more days at the beach this summer, but can’t stand the inevitable vacuuming that’s involved after a sandy day out? Made from a hypoallergenic suede/ microfibre material with waterproof backing, our Sand-Free Picnic Mats mean sandy cars, floors and washing machines are a thing of the past. Coming in four cute designs and including a matching wet bag, you can enjoy afternoons at the beach with your kids – without the sand! Oh, and they ultra light too! 

Gifts under $120

1. 3 Pack Fly Fans | $75

Want to save money on our Fly Fans and ensure your outdoor activities are pest-free? Bundle our Fly Fans and save, with the option to choose between three different designs or three of the same for that Instagram-worthy look! Perfect for larger family gatherings, our smart Fly Fan technology will ensure that all of your afternoon outdoor adventures are pest-free.

2. Matching Kids & Adult Bamboo Sunnies | $128 per set

No summer outfit is complete without a pair of stylish sunglasses, and our set of matching kids and adult bamboo sunglasses fit the bill. Created with lightweight bamboo and featuring UV400 protection, our sunnies are custom designed to withstand the Australian summer, and you can choose between four fun lens colours to match your favourite outfit or pair of swimmers. Each pair of sunglasses also comes with a matching bamboo carry case, ensuring they’re kept safe.

Gifts above $120

1. Picnic Basket | $149

Picnickers, we have the perfect gift for you – introducing our Weekender Picnic Basket! Featuring an insulated interior, cutting board lid and a 40L capacity, the Weekender Picnic Basket is perfect for all of your weekend adventures. Pack it with water bottles, fresh fruit, crackers and your favourite dips and take it out on your next adventure. The Picnic Basket is also wide enough to hold your favourite bottle of wine and a couple of glasses – just in case you need it.

2. Perfect Picnic Pack | $199

Can’t decide on a gift to get your outdoor-loving partner? Surprise them with the gift of a lifetime with the Perfect Picnic Pack! Jam-packed with over $250 worth of products, it’s the perfect addition to any day outdoors. Featuring our Sand-Free Beach Mat, Grazing Picnic Table, Cheeseboard & Knife Set, plus a set of 4 Wine Glasses, you and your family can enjoy more time outdoors and less time cooped up, with plenty of convenient pieces to make your next afternoon outdoors a breeze.

3. Boho Beach Umbrella | $199

A beach umbrella is essential for any day at the beach, and our large Boho Beach Umbrella is the perfect addition to your beach essentials kit. Coming in three cute designs and an expansive two metre diameter, head down to the beach with your wagon and secure it safely into the sand, or anchor it into the ground with the secure screw anchor at your local park for a relaxed afternoon while the kids let off some steam. Our unique design also features a vented top to prevent fly away incidents in gusts of wind. 

We hope our Christmas Gift Guide was helpful for you for your holiday shopping. Please click here to shop the full range. We wish you the merriest of all seasons!