Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means –It’s time to break out the beach bags, pop the umbrella and head back down to the water for summer!

Here at Burleigh Wagon we’re all about making time outdoors easier, less stressful and more enjoyable for families around Australia. Over the years we’ve dreamed up a range of summer essentials perfect for day trips with the kids outdoors, and this year we want to share with you our top five favourites.

Whether you’re a beach bum, picnicking pro or travelling trooper... here are our 5 favourite Burleigh Wagon products to make trips outdoors this summer a breeze.

Day Tripper Duffle Bag
Did you hear the news? We’re very excited to announce that our brand new Day Tripper Duffle Bag has recently launched! Water resistant and complete with pockets galore, we think it’s the perfect addition to your summer routine.

Available in two different sizes (one custom fits our Grazing Picnic Table & one fits our Beach Umbrella Table), you have the flexibility to use it however you like. Use it to protect your gear or as an easy carry bag for towels, clothing, accessories and more. Designed to slide directly into your wagon’s Side Storage Racks, you can wave goodbye to carrying clunky, awkward bags of gear down to the beach! Oh, and did we mention it has pockets? What more could you want!

Aussie Beach Towel
Not to brag, but if you haven’t seen our new beach towels yet, you’re missing out. Introducing our brand new Aussie Beach Towel – Available in two different sizes, two different fabrics and one vibrant colour that we’re sure your kids will love! Created with lightweight materials and coming with a secure carry bag, our new towels are perfect for sunny days at the beach or afternoon picnics at the park.

Choose between the Sand-Free Suede, a towel where sand simply doesn’t stick, or our lightweight Terry Cloth towel, warm and fuzzy and perfect for cuddling up after a day in the water. Say goodbye to afternoons vacuuming sand from the car, the house and your kids – with the specially-designed sand free suede, you can keep the beach at the beach and keep your kids warm all afternoon.

Bluetooth Speaker
Dance the summer days away with the Burleigh Wagon Bluetooth Speaker. It slides perfectly into the moulded slot of your Wagon while producing 20 hours of clear and crisp sound. Elevate your beach, park or any adventure experience with its endless benefits. Keep the kids happy with sing-a-longs, blast your favourite tunes while the kids are playing or play some soothing white noise to get those little ones to fall asleep.

Our favourite part? No need to bring a portable charger with you, our bluetooth speaker has a built in battery fit for 2 phone charging emergencies!

We all know that one of the hardest parts of an Australian summer is the heat. Well, you can say goodbye to heat-driven meltdowns and sweaty kids with our USB fan, combined perfectly with the Bluetooth Speaker for on-the-go charging power. The USB Fan clips onto the side of your Burleigh Wagon and keeps the little ones cool.

Enjoy 3 different fan speeds in silence with its noise-reducing silent motor. Perfect for keeping younger ones cool during a midday snooze or chill out time. Don’t feel like joining your kids in the sun? Don’t stress – the USB Fan will also keep the breeze going while you sit back and relax.

Please note our Driftwood Grey colour fan comes with a rechargeable battery letting you enjoy your fan without connecting it to a power source. With 6 hours of use in first gear, 4 hours in second gear and 2.5 hours in third gear this summer will be bliss. To power our Seafoam Green Fan, plug it into the Bluetooth Speaker or another power pack.

Ice Brick and Esky Bung Pack
By far one of the Burleigh Wagon’s popular features is the in-built storage space. With the Ice Brick or Esky Bung Pack you can turn this storage space into an esky and cooler area perfect for summer.

Depending on your preference, there are two ways you can use these items. Your Ice Brick lays perfectly at the bottom of your Wagon, providing a sealed and fresh environment for your packed meals. Our Ice Brick can also be used in our Coastal Cooler Bags, and Coastal Cooler Totes. In comparison, the Esky Bung Pack allows the opportunity to turn your wagon into a dreamy portable Ice Bucket. Stock your Wagon with your favourite drinks without the worry of leakage or spills (and messes to clean up)! No need to carry a heavy esky around, throw everything in the Burleigh Wagon and head out for the day.

There is only limited stock available before Christmas, so if you’re planning to purchase some Burleigh Wagon accessories, head to our website before stock runs out! Don’t forget to tag us in your summer #BurleighWagon photos to share the summer love with us. We love to see it!