Last year we hosted our first ever Burleigh Wagon Halloween Competition! 👻

We had so much fun last year, so we are doing it all again this year over! 🎃

For your chance to win a $100 gift card to our online store: Share your best tricked out Burleigh Wagon on Instagram or Facebook this October and tag @burleighwagon

It’s that simple 🙌

Can’t wait to see what ghostly & bewitching creative magic you come up with 🧙‍♀️ 

*entries must be in by Tuesday November 1st to qualify. Be sure to tag us or it doesn't count (cause we can't see it). If you have a private Instagram account, please send us your photos via email to We will announce the winner on our stories November 2nd!

Check out some of our winners from last year for inspo 👇

First Place: Team SurfTheMusic

We had so many incredible entries to our first Halloween competition last year, but team SurfTheMusic ultimately took home first place - And we’re kind of obsessed!

Decking out the wagon to look just like the first train on the Hogwarts Express, they cut out and stuck together cardboard so it wrapped around the entire wagon perfectly, then topped the whole wagon off with a lick of paint and even hand-painted the Hogwarts Express number onto the front!

In our opinion, the outfit coordination really took the cake - I mean, have you ever seen a cuter Harry Potter or Dobby? We haven’t!

Second Place: Ezra and Steph

When we think of ‘Halloween’ we usually think of things such as Vampires, Bats, Skeletons and Coffins, so Steph and her son Ezra really nailed last year's Halloween challenge with their dress-up attempt!

Decorating the Wagon to look just like a coffin (with coordinated skeleton outfits to match), the attention to detail on this custom really stood out, and we loved the inclusion of the pumpkin and spiderwebs on the front to make it look dusty!

Oh, and no good Halloween costume would be complete without including The Grinch - Great choice Ezra and Steph!

3rd Place: The Nyhuis Family

Halloween is a huge family affair for us here at Burleigh Wagon HQ, so we love when we see Mum’s and Dad’s get involved in dress-ups and other activities - Including this seriously creative wagon from the Nyhuis family!

Team Nyhuis banded together to cut out, paint and create their very own Toy Story Mobile, and they even got two of the coolest Toy Story-themed costumes to ensure their Toy Story Mobile was full of our favourite characters!  

Here at Burleigh Wagon we’re all about trying to encourage families to get out and do more together - So it was amazing to see the entire Nyhuis clan get involved with this costume to make it come to life!

How Did You Decorate Your Burleigh Wagon?

We loved seeing so many people in our community dress up and get creative with their wagons, but we couldn’t resist dressing ours up as well and taking it for a spin.

We took our Burleigh Wagon to Dreamworld for their Happy Halloween event, and we had great fun the entire night!

We decorated our wagon like a spooky shed for the girls to hide inside - This is our step-by-step guide to do it:

You’ll need:

  1. Cardboard boxes
  2. Sticky tape (Masking Tape should do)
  3. Appropriate Paint (we used basic brown and black paint)
  4. Decorations (we used fake spider webs and skulls from our local craft store)
  5. Scissors or Stanley Knife
  6. Paint Brush
  7. Burleigh Wagon


  1. Source cardboard boxes from your local Bunnings, or friends or family. We used two to three boxes.
  2. Measure the dimensions of your wagon, and cut your cardboard panels to size. Once the panels are measured and cut to size, lay them around the wagon where you want them placed.

    (If you want a guide, the wagon dimensions are: 109cm long X 61cm wide X 48cm high)
  3. Once each cardboard panel was measured and placed around the wagon, we got to painting!
    Grab the tubes of paint that you desire and a paintbrush and paint one side of the cardboard -  If you’re just going with one colour like we were, this is a great opportunity to let the kids get involved and have some painting fun!
  4. Once all of the cardboard is painted on one side (you can paint both sides but we didn’t feel it was necessary as you wouldn’t see the inside), leave them somewhere overnight to dry.
  5. The next day (or once your cardboard is dry), inspect your panels. Some lighter paints may not cover the cardboard well, so if you need to do a second coat, repeat step four and allow to dry.
    If you’re satisfied with the look of your panels, grab your masking tape and tape the panels around the sides of the wagon. We put the entire structure in our
    Side Storage Racks to keep it secure on the wagon, but you can also stick the cardboard directly to the wagon if needed.
  6. Once your structure is attached to the wagon, add your cobwebs and any other decor you might like to the structure!
  7. Let your kids climb inside and enjoy!

Halloween Competition 2023

We had such a great response to our 2022 Halloween Competition that we’re looking forward to decorating our wagons again this year!

Last year we gave out a range of vouchers to our three winners so that they could shop the full Burleigh Wagon range and pick up some goodies for Christmas or the Australian summer - If you’ve been considering getting a Wagon, why not order one for Halloween and take part in our next competition this October!