Have you ever wondered how other Burleigh Wagon families use their wagons?

Whether you’re considering buying a wagon for yourself or you just want to make the most out of your own wagon, here are 5 of the top Tips and Tricks that our wagon owners have shown us to make life easier!

1. Easier Ways to Lift Your Wagon

Weighing in at roughly twenty kilograms, it’s important that when you’re lifting your Burleigh Wagon, you’re lifting it properly.

Wagon mum Kellie recommends two different methods when lifting her wagon that make it significantly easier for her when loading it in the boot.

  • Grabbing the wagon under the handle
  • The knee lift

For the first technique, remove the front cup holders and store inside your wagon for transport. Then fold the handle over the top of the wagon. Lastly, with the handle now laying over the top of the wagon, grab underneath the handle with one hand towards the middle of the wagon. With your other hand, grab under the lip of the back storage compartment of the wagon. This will allow you to lift with a shorter arm span which can be helpful.

Alternatively, you can try the knee lift method by standing facing the rear of your wagon. Carefully lift the back of the wagon up & brace the back-end above your knee. Then grab the keyhole handle of your wagon and pull the body of the wagon towards you. This will cause the wagon to lift in the air while being braced on your lower thigh. The elevated front of the wagon can now be rested on the entrance to your boot. Lastly, spin the main body of the wagon into position in your boot and you are good to go. 

You can see Kellie show us live how to do both of these lifts on our Instagram Tips & Tricks Highlight HERE.

*please do not attempt either lift with knee or back injuries. Do not overload wagon with gear before lifting. Use bags for gear to store in wagon after it is has been loaded in the boot if you struggle to lift fully loaded without assistance. We recommend 2 people to lift whenever possible. 

2. Multiple Uses For the Side Storage Rack

Did you know our side storage racks aren’t just good for holding surfboards? We’ve seen so many wagon owners get creative with what they store in their side storage racks, that we wanted to share a couple of our favourite options with you!

  • Store your snack tray in the side
  • If you’re not using the snack tray and want to take it with you, but also don’t want to store it in the wagon alongside your kids, a great alternative storage space is the side storage rack. Simply slide the racks closer together, pop your snack tray in, and you’re all set to go.

  • Carry larger/bulkier items in the side racks
  • We love how our wagon owners are getting creative and storing a variety of gear in the side storage racks! Wide enough to comfortably fit your surfboard, boogie board, fishing rods, yoga mat, some scooters and bikes, as well as our range of custom picnic tables (click HERE to view the collection).

  • Add an extra set of racks to the other side for more storage
  • Did you know that you can actually use two sets of our side storage racks to store items on either side of the wagon? We didn’t, but one incredibly creative Burleigh Wagon family did!

    Our side storage racks can be slotted onto either side wall of the wagon, allowing you to bring multiple surfboards down to the beach hands-free, or take a surfboard and a range of other beach gear down without fuss. If you need to grab a second pair and want to try this hack out for yourself, you can grab another set HERE!

    3. Creative Play Using Your Wagon

    Designed with families in mind, there is nothing that makes us prouder than when we see a Burleigh Wagon family using the wagon in a new and exciting way to make their lives easier.

    Created with twenty litres of under-seat storage and the ability to add or remove the extra esky bungs, you can flip up the seats and get creative by using the wagon as a water play station! Durable, and the perfect height for small children, just fill the under-seat storage with water, remove the side panel and your toddlers can spend all afternoon splashing around and playing with the water out the back. Once they're done, the esky bungs also make it easy to let the water out, and the wagon is ready to use again in no time!

    *Please supervise children during water play at all times.

    4. Top Tips For Cleaning Your Wagon

    With love and adventures naturally comes plenty of wear and tear. While we offer a full detailing service for our Gold Coast wagon owners, if you live further away or can’t make it to the warehouse, our wonderful Burleigh Wagon community has discovered two simple products to keep it looking shiny and new!

    If you find any little marks on the side of the wagon, we recommend using Eucalyptus Oil with an old rag to buff out any little marks or smudges. If your wagon needs a full clean over or you just want to make it look a little bit nicer, give it a once over with Armor All from your local Super Cheap Auto!

    5. Adjust Your Wagon's Safety Belts

    The Burleigh Wagon is certified as a double stroller- allowing kids as young as 6 months old to ride safely. Since our wagon allows for up to a 150KG weight limit, your children will grow with the wagon and naturally need the seatbelt length to be adjusted. 


    If you find yourself running out of room or you need to lengthen the belts more to accommodate the wagon's cushion seats, you can easily adjust the length of your 3-point harnesses. Simply unscrew the belt strap from the wall, adjust the screw holes on the belt fabric, and secure the strap back to the wall in its desired new positioning. We have a great how-to video on our Instagram page. Click HERE to view. 

    While we’ve tried to share as many creative ways to use the Burleigh Wagon ourselves, we love hearing from our community as they discover new and unique ways to incorporate the wagon into their lives.

    If you’ve been considering buying a Burleigh Wagon for your family, you can get one HERE. If you already are apart of the Burleigh Wagon family, you can kindly share photos/tips & tricks with us online. Be sure to tag us so we can see your top recommendations on the best ways you use your wagon!