As parents, we love having days out with the kids. I know that there’s nothing better than seeing the smile on my children’s faces when we go out for beach days or head out for a nice picnic outdoors.

If you have more than one child like me though, you already know how difficult it is to wrangle everyone, keep track of everything, and fit it all in a pram. I searched for the right pram for what felt like ages, and unfortunately, I could never find something that quite ticked all the boxes.

From chatting with many other mums, I also found out what they wished they had in their kids’ prams too. Today, I’m sharing what I’ve learned with all of you parents out there.

What Mums Wish They Had in Their Kids’ Prams

I wanted these features in my pram, both for my sake and my children’s. The right pram should give you all the storage you need while keeping your kids safe and comfortable at the same time.

Cool Storage

I don’t know how many mums I’ve spoken to that wish they had cold storage in their pram. No one wants to eat a warm sandwich for a snack or have a warm drink.

This is why I made sure our Burleigh Wagon has a handy esky storage. It’s really a must since it’s able to keep baby’s milk or snacks cool. If you’re having a day out with your older child and your new baby, you don’t need to worry about not having what they need. Since the storage is sealed off too, you’ll never spill food or drinks on the cloth.

Snacks on the Go

You already have the cool storage for your snacks, but you’d know that every time you hand out your kids’ snacks, they always get it all over their laps. That’s why we’ve designed a snack tray in the Burleigh Wagon for our kids, helping them to keep a handle on their snacks so us parents don’t have to clean up as much later.

Easy Sitting

Let’s face it: days out are fun. But they’re tiring too. When my kids are running around and playing in the grass or the sand, sometimes, I just want to take a seat. Having a seat would certainly be easier when I’m holding my littlest one to feed her. That’s why I love having a bench on the Burleigh Wagon. I can adjust the pram and take a seat no matter where I am, and I can’t tell you how valuable that is.

Weather Protection & Cooling Off

The umbrella on the wagon is especially great for protecting your kids from the sun. It’s much better than using a blanket or drapes on your pram which can trap the heat inside. If your child needs a nap during the day, the wagon will lay completely flat, something which not all prams can do. Burleigh Wagon allows for 365-degree air flow to keep your children safe and comfortable.

Extra Storage

Beyond the cool storage, you have even more space for everything you might need. Even if you want to fit a surfboard, you can.


Up until now, I’ve been talking about all the features that you’ll love. What about the kids? Well, children love having an open design. As compared to a pram where they’re all strapped in, they get to sit in the wagon and look around. They’re so occupied that there are fewer meltdowns.


Prams aren’t the most fun. Burleigh Wagon includes a few features for your children to keep them entertained and keep you sane. It even has speakers in it to play your child’s favorite song or to play some white noise to help them relax for a nap. It’s fun and exciting which means you don’t have to force your kids into a pram.

Multiple Children

You want a pram that can fit all of your children. The Burleigh Wagon fits three kids and even with all of our items, everything fits just fine and you get to save your back from carrying them around all day.


Days out are a lot of fun. Days out where the kids are screaming for a nap or a snack are definitely not as fun. That’s why we’ve taken all these into consideration to create the best option for parents to keep their kids safe and entertained, and to hold all their items too. For the best alternative to a basic pram with not much features, you need to check out our Burleigh Wagon!