When we first launched in Australia, we had a dream of creating a stroller that made outdoor adventures as stress-free and as enjoyable as possible. Over the last few years, we’ve been able to help thousands of other Australian families  get out of the house much easier with our innovative wagon.

We know that many people have plenty of questions before deciding to join the Burleigh Wagon family, so we wanted to help you out and have some of your most burning questions answered by other Burleigh Wagon families!


FAQ: Will the wagon fit in my car?

The Burleigh Wagon does fit easily in the boot of most cars – Meaning it’s the perfect, sturdy stroller wagon for family outings. The durable design means that you can throw all of your gear into the storage compartments, ensuring you don’t have to carry bags around with you when you’re on an adventure. 

Just ask customer Carrie Paxie:

“We’ve owned foldable beach wagons before that were hopeless so we invested in a Burleigh Wagon. And I have to say I am beyond impressed! I can lift it all by myself into the back of my hatchback car. (I’m a 45kg mum!) The steering is impeccable, being able to manoeuvre around our house and kitchen island with ease (kids often take it for a spin at home), and our days out are now actually enjoyable with our girls. We don’t have to carry bags, everything fits under the seats perfectly. Highly recommend!” 

Carrie Paxie - Google


FAQ: Does the wagon have seatbelts?

When designing the Burleigh Wagon, safety was one of our top priorities. Equipped with three-point safety belts on either side of the wagon, kids are securely fastened in during family outings. These belts can be adjusted as your kids grow, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit at all times. You can relax and enjoy your time outdoors with the peace of mind that your children are safe and secure in the Burleigh Wagon.

Just ask Burleigh Wagon mum Tearna Colvin...

“We are absolutely obsessed with our Burleigh Wagon. It’s so convenient for all sorts of adventures. Our little guy is only 6 months old but fits so securely into the inbuilt seat straps and just loves going in it. BEST INVENTION EVER!!!”

Tearna Colvin - Facebook


FAQ: Are there payment options available?

We have always been committed to making sure the Burleigh Wagon is accessible for as many Aussie parents as possible, which is why we offer both Afterpay and Lay-buy, allowing customers to pay for their wagon in easy and manageable instalments. Additionally, we also work closely with NDIS participants to use their NDIS funding to pay for their Burleigh Wagon, meaning you can say goodbye to meltdowns, fits and stressful days out! 

“There’s nothing as amazing as the Burleigh Wagon. We’re so grateful to have this and be covered by NDIS. We got this wagon for our autistic daughter and it couldn’t be more helpful. Our lives have gotten 1000 times better since we have received our wagon. Our daughter doesn’t escape or make a run for it anymore. It has the seatbelts. It’s easy to pull. Before the BW I couldn’t go anywhere by myself and the 2 kids. We can relax when we leave the house, it’s not a struggle anymore. [cont.]”

Jasmine Hawarth - Facebook


FAQ: What terrain is it suitable for?

Did you know the Burleigh Wagon is made for more than just sand? Designed to handle a wide range of terrains with ease, its off-road wheels allow it to go off the beaten path- over sand, grass, gravel, and pavement, making it the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. It even pulls over snow!

Burleigh Wagon mum Martiine Nyhuis truly tested it out for us - See where she’s used it...

“Our Burleigh Wagon has really changed our lives. It's made getting out of the house with the kids an absolute breeze. We use it at the park, the pool, shopping centre, markets, appointments, theme parks, Kmart, Bunnings, the bank and post office (hello, running errands with kids. I've missed you!) and we were even able to take it to our local cinema. It's got loads of storage and features that make for an easy full day out. [cont.]”

Martiine Nyhuis - Facebook


FAQ: How much can the wagon hold?

The Burleigh Wagon is designed with families in mind. With a weight capacity of up to 150 kilograms, it can safely transport all of your gear and little ones - Or adults too! The wagon's custom design provides ample room for little ones to ride comfortably. The under seat storage also holds 21 litres, making it a perfect esky. And the additional boot space is great for storing towels, nappy's, snacks, a change of clothes, and everything else you may need for a day out with kids.

Not to mention, our heavy-duty side storage rack that can haul all your oversized gear like: wagon umbrella when not in use, beach cabana, picnic table, surfboards, some trikes & bikes, and much more!

See what wagon owner Teigan says about taking the wagon to the beach without her partner...

“The Burleigh Wagon is probably my favourite product we have for our baby! It’s super practical, easy to navigate, fits a tonne of stuff and makes you look like a rockstar whenever you’re out and about with it! It’s given me the confidence to tackle things like the beach and swimming trips without my partner, it’s just that easy. [...] I am incredibly thankful for such a quality product and wonderful experience.”

Teigan Thew - Facebook

The Burleigh Wagon has been making life easier and more enjoyable for thousands of families across Australia. From its all-terrain wheels, to its spacious storage and adjustable safety belts, the Burleigh Wagon is designed with families in mind. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us - and for those in the USA, we are looking forward to bringing the Burleigh Wagon to your shores in the coming months!