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5 star reviews
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Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table
Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table Grazing Picnic Table
Grazing Picnic Table
$59 AUD $99 AUD

Introducing our stylish and convenient Grazing Picnic Table, designed to elevate your outdoor experiences. Whether you're enjoying a day at the beach with the kids or having a picnic with family and friends, this table is sure to impress.

The generous size of the Grazing Picnic Table makes it perfect for parties and social gatherings. With 4 beverage cut-outs, you and your friends can comfortably enjoy your drinks while indulging in delicious snacks. It's the ultimate table for creating a grazing experience wherever you go.

For families with little ones, the Grazing Picnic Table is designed to be easily transported in your Burleigh Wagon's Side Storage Rack. Simply pack your snacks and drinks in the wagon's esky, and when you reach your destination, set up the grazing table for the whole family to enjoy.

Made from eco-friendly bamboo, the Grazing Picnic Table combines style and sustainability. The folding legs with magnets make it convenient to transport and store, ensuring hassle-free setup and cleanup. Cleaning is a breeze with a simple wipe down using a damp cloth, and be sure to towel dry before use. To maintain the table's quality, avoid storing it in direct sunlight or submerging it in water. 


  • Dimensions: 91cm (length) x 25cm (width) x 21cm (height)
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Weight: 3.5kg

Take your outdoor gatherings to the next level with our Grazing Picnic Table. Enjoy the convenience, functionality, and style it brings to your beach trips, picnics, and family adventures.

Kiddies living their best life in our @burleighwagon 😍

Kurt and I are both obsessed with our new wagon! It’s got an attachment for a speaker, tray for the kiddies snacks/waters & a cup holder each for mummy and daddy! Seriously the best purchase we have made.
The BEST wagon!
I don’t care how hesitant you are, if you’re interested, grab one! You won’t regret it! The wagon is super easy to assemble, even for people who want to skip reading the instructions like me.

It has a *nice* turning radius, making it super easy to maneuver and such a spacious and cozy seating area.
I am so in love with our Burleigh Wagon! We received it a couple weeks ago and have not stopped using it! The assembly was easy as well! I recommend watching the video! I completed it all before my husband got home from work :)

My two daughters look forward to our "wagon walk" every day!
It is a winner!
This is a deluxe wagon cleverly designed for hauling little ones around with room for supplies. I plan to take it to the beach to transport my little ones. Until then I have used it to take my kids for rides around the park.

I so am happy with my purchase and highly recommend for all families!
What wagon dream are made of!
I’ve looked for over a year for a wagon that had all the elements we were looking for. This one does not disappoint. They have thought of everything.

From places for kids to sit, umbrella holder, keeping food cold, storage, wheels that glide on soft sand, I mean, I can keep going. You will not regret buying this!
Beyond excellent customer service! Great product! Great response time from company!! The owners have really created something amazing!

This wagon is such high quality and so well designed. Love love love Burleigh wagon and can’t wait for each weekend to come so the family can go out on adventures with our BWagon!

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